Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Watch: Rabbi Matisyahu Glazerson reads Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzchak Yosefs letter requesting Diaspora Jews to host and accept Rabbi Berland and Shuvu Banim

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  1. Part two:

    In any rational Western legal system one is considered innocent until proven guilty, and so far Rabbi Berland has not been "proven" guilty of anything.

    The best that some opponents of Rabbi Berland can say in South Africa is that "he must return to Israel to face the law" but what gives them the right to say that even if they are correct, since when are the Jews of South Africa required to be the agents of the Israeli police? I have never heard of such a thing.

    Who is it exactly that is making the accusations that is propelling the South African police against Berland?

    Does anyone know?

    So far the official media organs such as the SA Jewish Report are covering it up because they are maybe doing it themselves as they proved they could hunt down Berland's whereabouts in a hidden hotel, no one knows exactly who called the South African police against Berland.

    Is it some Israeli?

    Who is the Israeli policeman that has asked the South African police at a time when South Africa does not have optimum relations with Israel, it is puzzling.

    And who got Interpol involved and why is that so "marvelous" when anyone can research the origins of Interpol and see that is was heavily staffed and influenced by Nazis, so why should they be "helpful" to Jews now when in the past a simple Google search will show that Interpol helped Nazis flee from justice yet now they hunt a rabbi of all things. Doesn't Interpol have more important cases and fugitives to track down and hunt than an old sickly rabbi in his late 70s all the way in South Africa or Zimbabwe that are not bastions of total justice either, starting from the top?

    This is indeed a big puzzle and there are more questions than answers.