Monday, April 27, 2015

Watch: Zmiros of Motzei Shabbos with Rabbi Berland in Holland

Am Yisrael Kedoshim - The Nation of Israel is Holy!

Rabbi Eliezer Berland
Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Watch: Words of torah of Rabbi Berland after the bris today in Holland

This is the second bris in two days and there are expected to be more this week.

ברית הרב ברלנד


Rav Bransdorfer in Holland

Rav Bransdorfer spent the shobbas with Rav Berland in Holland. Said it was one of the most uplifting experiences in his life.

Watch: Bris with Rav Berland in Holland

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Live broadcast Shachris with Rav Berland in the village

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Watch: Havdala now with Rabbi Berland in Holland

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rabbi Berland arrested in Holland?

Rabbi Berland arrested in Holland?

Where else in the world does this happen?
A man's taxi driver gets a speeding ticket and it covers all international headlines, completely warping the story. Once again Arutz Sheva takes the cake by deliberately changing the facts even when copying from they're own hebrew site in order to grab catchy headline. Luckily for them they took the story off the web before they can get sued.

The passengers confirm: It was a typical speeding ticket.
Israel news outlets jumped to the opportunity with the headlines "Rabbi Berland's car stopped by traffic police" and they go on to say that the driver was speeding. But when the international news translates the story they leave out the fact that it was traffic police and end with a puzzling question "It is still unclear whether the Rabbi was arrested". But then Arutz Sheva goes for the goal with one again the same winning false headline "Rabbi Berland arrested in Holland".

This reminds of the Palestinian suicide driver who rammed into and killed 4 people including a newborn baby waiting at the train stop. The driver also got killed in the process. International headlines read "East Jerusalem: Israeli and Palestinian casualties as a car rams into pedestrians waiting at the train stop".

When will we learn.

Live audio broadcast: Bris with Rav Berland in Holland

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Watch: Sfiras Ha'omer with Rav Berland in Holland

Thursday, April 23, 2015