Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rav Dovid Chaim Stern: Who will survive to greet Moshiach?

Listen to this account from a few days ago in which Rav Aaron Farkas was at the home of Rav Dovid Chaim Stern and heard very strong words about the coming redemption, about Rav Eliezer Berland, and those who are out to get him.

listen here

When Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's "moshiach watch" hit 12:00 and Moshiach didn't come yet

On Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's deathbed he revealed to his wife the secret of Moshiachs postponement... so that you and I can live to see him,

Read about it here

Rav Morechai Eliyahu

Monday, October 31, 2016

What is Rabbi Berland doing in prison?

Rabbi Berland with books

Rabbi Chaim Reicher relates impressions from his visit with Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Tzalmon prison.

"There is a very strange situation, apparently, we who are coming to visit the Rav Shlit"a are supposed to be happy while he who is inside should be depressed. But, in fact the opposite is true, the Rav Shlit"a always comes out with a talis and tfillin, carrying piles of sfarim, until you forget you came to visit him in a prison at all. The Rav Shlit"a is with sfarim that 99.9% are unfamiliar with in this generation, he knows them verbally as if it was just storie books. Even the new sfarim that just came out, and I brought him, are familiar to him and he quotes them adding chidushim to them...

Monday, September 5, 2016

One of the most important articles you have yet to read about Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Once again EMUNAROMA is revealing the hard truth in an important and powerful article:

How the Erev Rav are preventing the Geula, in real time


Part of the problem with the proliferation of ‘geula’ blogs, and all the ‘prophetic messages’ from the autistics and a few other hundred people, besides, is that we’ve all been reading about things like the Erev Rav, and redemption, and terrible wars for more than a decade already, but as a theoretical exercise.

In theory, thousands of us are very well versed in all the prophesies about 2/3 of the world being destroyed, about the war of Gog and Magog, even about Bilaam’s prophecy of the Kochav Yaacov, (which some commentators, including some Gedolei HaDor, are suggesting is connected to ‘Nibiru’), and about the Temple finally being rebuilt, and the people of Israel finally being redeemed.

Thanks in great part to the autistics, the Erev Rav have also become a familiar concept to many us, despite being buried in Jewish esoteric thought for thousands of years and generally ignored.

Yet despite all the knowledge about the End of Days freely sloshing around all over the net, most of us are completely clueless about what is actually happening in front of our faces right now.

Again, it’s very understandable. After years of warnings of impending doom that didn’t materialize, dates for geula that came and went, ‘unmissable’ signs of redemption that didn’t add up to anything tangible, and even a few wars here in Israel, so many of us are tired and jaded by the whole ‘geula’ thing that we’re scared to hope it could happen, really.

What, I’m going to get my hopes up again?!?!?

But there’s something deeper going on, too, and that is that our modern world is so full of manipulative lies and media deception, that most of us really struggle to recognize the truth in 2016 about any subject, let alone one as shrouded in mystery as the forthcoming geula.

And the last, and probably most insidious, reason why we aren’t recognizing what’s going on in front of our faces is because many of us are living the lie that Moshiach and redemption is going to happen automatically, without us having to do anything much to bring it about.

We can carry on treating other people badly on Facebook and in our personal lives; carry on sucking up all the gossip, pritzus and heretical poison that makes up 99.9% of the stuff we’re looking at on the web; continue to put making money ahead of people (both our own family members, and others); continue to pay lip-service to the idea of serving God; daven from our huge i-Phones (which have been roundly banned and condemned as being ‘idol worship’ by pretty much every Gadol HaDor you care to mention); and continue to look down our noses at our fellow Jews, and to openly hate them just because they look different, or believe different, or daven different to the way we do.

If we aren’t working on improving our negative middot and character traits, we are holding Moshiach up, because when people still harbor so much evil inside of themselves, it’s impossible for them to recognize that same evil as being truly bad, and to split off from it when they come across it in their external environment.

But Moshiach’s coming, and the redemption, depend on both of these things.

Right now, we’re all wasting so much of our time (me included…) reading about the theoretical signs of redemption, while neglecting and ignoring the things that are actually going to make it happen, i.e., working on identifying and eradicating our own bad middot, and splitting off from the Erev Rav behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that are literally all around us.

In the rest of the post, I want to set out what is REALLY going on, to the best of my ability, with God’s help, so that anyone who has eyes to see it, and ears to hear it, can decide if they want to carry on holding Moshiach and redemption back, or if they want to be part of the small group of people who are actually going to make it happen, God willing.

The story involves all the things you’ve been reading about in theory for decades already. But as we come down to the wire, it’s time to start applying that knowledge to the things that are unfolding in front of our faces right now.

I’m going to refer to a lot of different things in short-hand below, as there’s a lot of material to cover. Whenever you see a pink link, click on it and it will take you to an article that contains much more additional support, background and where necessary, proof of what you’re reading.


More than 4 years’ ago, Rav Eliezer Berland, Rav Dov Kook and the Baba Elazar got together to try to cancel the enormous, negative decrees of destruction hovering over Am Yisrael’s head, primarily in the shape of Iran’s nuclear bomb (but not forgetting Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Kaida and ISIS, too.)

You can read much more details about this HERE, but the main thing to know is that Rav Berland took it upon himself to be shamed and humiliated (‘losing his good name’); and also, to voluntarily go into exile.

Rav Berland warned his students right from the beginning that his exile and abuse would last for 3 years.

Crucially, the Rav left Israel voluntarily, and no charges were ever laid against him - AND STILL HAVEN’T BEEN LAID AGAINST HIM.


The three main groups of people persecuting Rav Berland and slandering him are:

  1. A disgruntled former employer, NS, [or IS, as his real name is Itai Shalom] who’s behind all the initial allegations. All these allegations are completely false, and involve either members of NS’s own family, or people who were paid thousands of dollars to lie. 
  2. Three ‘rabbis’ from the Breslev community in Meah Shearim who have been conducting a vendetta against Rav Berland and his Shuvu Banim community for more than 3 decades already. They hate the Rav for sullying the ‘purity’ of Breslev by bringing so many new baal Teshuvas in, including Sephardim.
  3. The anti-Torah government in Israel - who hates the Torah world, and has been conducting campaigns to destroy it for decades, already - and the media, spearheaded by Israel’s Channel 2, who is being sued for libel by Rav Berland for publicizing NS’s initial claims without telling their readers that the women they interviewed with blurred faces were his family members, or that NS was under house arrest for shooting real bullets (that can kill people…) at Rav Berland’s gabbai. He was later convicted of that crime.


Around three years’ later, the Rav was sitting in a South African jail, about to be extradited to Israel. Many of our leading Rabbis, including Rav Dov Kook, made it clear that when Rav Berland made it back to Israel, the geula would come with him.

So far, it didn’t.


Continue reading this important article about Rabbi Eliezer Berland and the Erev Rav here

And see why this all matters to YOU and how YOU can make a difference...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shabbos parshas "ma'asei" "(encampments) at encampment outside Be'er Sheva prison

Rav Berland

This is shabbos parshas maasei "encampments", this will in all likelihood g-d willing be the last and final shabbos of the galus of the Tzadik, a huge air conditioned encampment is set up outside be'er sheva jail, all meals will be served כיד המלך and a melave malka will take place with important rabbonim participating. Anyone who wants to merit helping this awesome historical event is welcome to make a donation either through the Shuvu Banim International website or by calling Aaron Swartz 0533-155-313

This coming wednesday the Rav is set to be released! May we witness the Rav like Yosef leaving prison and going straight to kingship with the redemption of all of klall yisrael

And may we merit this coming week of tisha b'av to the "birth" of Moshiach after all these tremendous birth pangs


More updates at even more at the Hebrew website

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

updates about Rav Berland

Updates from the Shuvu Banim International website

Read about the mass prayer rally in Chrevron on Thursday night in support for Rav Berland.
The third appeal of the Israeli Police and the judges decision.
Demonstration outside the court.

And more at

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The judges decision

Rav Berland will be released tomorrow to house arrrest for the period of 10 days.
More at
Even more in hebrew at

preparing for todays mass prayer rally

Judge to police "Your behavior is crooked"

The Israeli police wanted to leave Rav Berland in jail for a week without a trial, the judge did not allow this, telling the police "your behavior is crooked".

The trial will be at 4:00pm today Israel time.

see more on

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Who are the soldiers of Gog Umagog?

Rivka Levy writes an amazing article on her blog EMUNAROMA

Where and who is Gog Umagog, the ones who will fight the war of the apocalypse? Is it Iran? Russia? EU? UN? Hamas? ISIS?

Or maybe it goes a little deeper then that. Read the article and see how not to be drawn in to the wrong side of the battlefield. And don't stand on the sidelines either.

So who's side are YOU on? 

Rav Glazerson torah codes on Rav Shimon Badani's statement: "Anyone speaking Lashon Harah about Rav Berland will inherit hell!"

Rav Badani Berland

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Tzadik is coming home!

12 tamuz is the day that Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn was released from a capital sentence and imprisonment in Soviet Russia (1927), today is the day that the Tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland will be returning to Eretz Yisrael.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Translation: first of many lawsuits to come from Rabbi Berlands lawyers against the media for defamation and slander. This one is channel 2 in Israel

Monday, July 11th, 2016
The Second Authority for Radio & Television (Channel 2)
Mr. Moshe Nussbaum
Mr. Guy Peleg
Mrs. Yonit Levy
Of the Neve Ilan Communication Center
D.N Harei Yehuda 90850
Via Email, fax: 02-533-9809
And registered mail

Re: Defamatory speech – a demand for an immediate retraction and apology
On behalf of my client, the esteemed Rabbi Eliezer Berland, I request your attention into the following matter:
1.       In a series of articles, broadcasts and promotional advertisements that you published and broadcast in a variety of media (television, print and online), you broadcast and advertised false, libelous, slanderous and malicious statements that did not contain a kernel of truth, and did so methodically, consistently, harmfully and disproportionately, like a targeted killing.
2.       Not only were these statements unrivaled in their falseness and maliciousness, they also severely damaged my client—to his good name and reputation, to his personal and family life, and to a great extent financially, due to the great losses he incurred as a result of the damage you caused.
3.       In these statements, you referred to my client using clearly offensive, false expressions such as "suspected of rape", "escaped criminal", "wanted", "completely criminal behavior", "making a mockery of the police", and other such offensive expressions.
4.       These statements you made throughout the period of time that included articles published on April 3rd, 2013, April 4th, 2013, April 8th, 2013, May 7th, 2013, July 21st, 2013, November 5th, 2013, September 11th, 2014 and September 16th, 2014 destroyed my client's good name and honor, as you labeled him a rapist, even though my client had never even been suspected of committing rape, and even though you were well aware that you had completely fabricated these allegations.
5.       Moreover, you brazenly dubbed my client an "escaped criminal" and ascribed information about a police investigation into my client at the time of your statement, although my client had never been summoned for questioning at that time, and had no knowledge of it until he heard about it later, from said statements.
6.       Moreover, you really went overboard when you tied my client to criminal elements in order to tarnish his reputation and shame him, without qualifying your speech to retain even a small measure of journalistic integrity or responsibility, thereby flagrantly violating the code of ethics to which you are bound.
7.       The false statements are especially severe considering that, at the time they were broadcast, you were well aware that the man you had interviewed on March 14th, 2013, who had made unprecedented allegations against my client, was none other than the man who confessed to shooting the home of one of the rabbi's adherents, thereby committing a crime himself (as you were aware when broadcasting your statements). This man was later convicted for this crime. During the actual broadcast, in which you gave the interviewee sympathetic and extensive coverage, he was actually under house arrest—a fact that you intentionally hid from the public, along with other relevant details.
8.       Moreover, in that same broadcast, you aired an interview with the wife of said shooter, dubbing her the "chief complainant", while hiding the fact that she is actually married to the shooter, and not simply a complainant who is unrelated to the other interviewee. In reality, you interviewed a couple in which the husband committed a crime related to my client, without revealing this fact. A reasonable viewer is led to believe that you interviewed two unrelated people, each with his own serious claims against my client, when in reality you interviewed a wife covering for her husband and trying to save his hide, in light of the crime he had confessed to. Most jarring fact you hid from the public, however, is that the complaint against my client stemmed from the investigation into the complainant's husband's shooting (and not sooner). Although you were well aware of this fact, you hid it in order to tarnish my client and create a more interesting "scoop" defaming him in a clearly biased piece rife with inaccuracies that went to the heart of the matter.
9.       In addition to the above and without detracting from it, it must be noted that, although your interviewee fabricated a story from his wild imagination about a naked woman who lay on top of the esteemed rabbi, you never once bothered to verify this information, even on the most basic level, as required before broadcasting such information. You never bothered to verify whether this had actually happened, even though you were broadcasting very harsh claims about someone well known and recognized in a strong community, which you knew would destroy his entire world in one fell swoop.
10.   All of the above and in the context of the string of misdeeds you perpetrated, which will be detailed below, constitute defamation and a violation of the rules of journalistic integrity the reflects upon a level of misconduct unworthy of your profession. You have trampled the rules of journalistic ethics when you strayed so far from any accuracy or reliability in transmitting information, as expected of any reasonable journalist. As if that were not enough, in this highly offensive broadcast, so clear-cut and so biased, one can certainly see your intent to sully my client's good name and defame his character. The existence of any "public right to know" does not give the journalist a "green light" to make whatever statements he so chooses, and any reasonable journalist is obliged to carefully examine the news items he wishes to broadcast and ensure he does not make false vilifications.
11.   In light of these facts and proof in this matter, which cannot all be contained in this short document, but will be listed in detailed the appropriate time and place, it must be noted that the false statements publicized by you in a one-sided and tendentious manner clearly constitute malice and bad faith, contrary to the law and without taking the necessary and reasonable precautions. These serious statements destroyed and decimated the magnificent legacy and life's work of my client, who was effectively tried and convicted in the court of public opinion—on television screens and print media—by your viewers and readers, before he was questioned and before any charges had been brought against him.
12.   It should be noted and emphasized that the details listed herein do not serve to indicate that any statements you made not listed herein were not false and defamatory.
13.   Due to the frequent, biased, and multiple news items, my client incurred significant damages in the millions of shekels (and my client is owed compensation for each publicized news item, including future news items, without further proof of damage, in accordance with the Law Against Defamatory Speech of 1965). My client reserves the right to make future claims against any and all parties for false and defamatory statements made about him, and this letter does not limit or detract from my client's rights.
14.   Furthermore, and without detracting from the aforementioned in any way, you must immediately act to minimize the extent of the damage by publishing posthaste an apology from yourselves to my client for the false statements, inaccuracies and bias in presenting the issues, and the concealment of meaningful facts, and to print a retraction of your publicized statements.
15.   My client emphasizes and notes that the publicity in question by its very nature caused immense harm that will continue to grow if a denial, clarification and apology is not published. Also note that the failure to print such a clarification and apology will be seen as further evidence of your bad faith and malicious intent to sully my client's good name.
16.   In light of the above, you are hereby afforded the opportunity to deny, clarify and apologize as necessary, in order to slightly rectify the damage and injustice you have done to my client. The extent of the correction, denial and apology will affect the claim against you.
17.   To be clear, neither the contents of this letter nor the lack thereof detract in any way from the rights and/or claims and/or demands to which my client is entitled under the law.
Michal Saar, Attorney-at-law

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Must read article: "Setting the record straight about Rav Eliezer Berland" by Rivkah Levy at

Setting the record straight about Rav Eliezer Berland

 by Rivkah Levy at The Jerusalem Post

Rivkah Levy sets the record straight about Rav Berland in a must read article:

With all the talk of Rav Berland’s imminent return to the Holy Land, the slanderous talk has unfortunately also returned with a vengeance.

In some ways, I can understand what’s going on. In this world where the media is feeding us lies and half-truths 24/7 about absolutely everything, you can kinda understand why it’s so hard for people to accept that the media tells lots of lies about lots of things, lots of times.

All over the world, the media is controlled by powerful people, and every single one of those powerful people has a personal agenda, and a set of vested interests, and a view of the world that they want to disseminate to the masses.

That’s a fact. 

And the media in Israel is no different from the media anywhere else in the world, and you could even argue that the biases, personal opinions and vested interests are even bigger here than elsewhere.

The point is this:

In 2016, no thinking person who is interested in the truth should automatically take anything being reported at face value, before checking and rechecking what they’re being told. 

Which brings us on to the subject of this particular post, inspired by a phone call from a friend of mine who was still struggling to believe that the media actually tells lies, or that there are powerful figures in Israel who are so against orthodox Judaism, they are willing to stoop to the lowest of levels to smear some of our biggest holy leaders.

Again, in some ways I can understand the problem: God has created the world so that the forces of good and evil are always evenly balanced, in some way. What that means in this instance is that for every ‘good’ holy Rabbi who’s being framed and persecuted for political reasons, there’s at least one ‘bad’ unholy so-called Rabbi who truly is guilty of the most appalling deeds.

So how can we know who is who, or what we’re really dealing with: an appalling miscarriage of justice, or the rightful prosecution of terrible crimes?

That’s’ what I hope to share with you, in this post. It’s going to be pretty long, as I also want to bring snippets and quotes from other places to provide enough background, context and additional information for you to start seeing the huge holes in the web of lies that has been woven around Rav Berland.

​Who is Rav Berland?...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rav Berland is returning to Israel

Exactly three years ago when Rav Berland left Israel he said to his followers "I need to go into exile for three years to cancel the heavenly decrees which are hovering on am yisrael", and now exactly three years later he is returning!

Read his letter and listen to his words on the Shuvu Banim International website 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New posts! New website! Must read!

Dear world,

There is amazing stuff on the new website Shuvu Banim International or to get there quickly just type, don't miss out!

There's no shortage of articles on the web about Rav Berland, but the only ones worth reading are on the official website - browse through them a little and maybe you'll have a little more insight about why the Tzaddikim of all generations were persecuted in such harsh ways.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Must read! Translation of the Knishta Chada Journal

In a newly translated article titles "Through his wounds we are healed" the Knishta Chada journal, through the words of Chazal shed light into the idea of the suffering of the righteous as an atonement for the generation. This is a must read for anyone interested in looking at current events from a Torah perspective.

Click here to read the article on the Shuvu Banim International website

Many more articles are waiting to be translated click here to donate

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Must see video by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson "RABBI BERLAND - SPARK OF MESSIAH IN BIBLE CODES"

The hater of Rav Berland, the same person who went on television and spread the lies about the Rav three years ago, has since then not stopped for a moment with his Jihad war against the Rav and his followers. All the YouTube videos against the Rav and articles in the web from so-called "complaining women" are from him.
Recently he is in a campaign to take down all of the Ravs YouTube videos in falsely claiming copyright violations from many different email accounts with fake names. This is one video from Rav Glazerson which he took down. We are working on getting everything back up. If needed we will publicize his full name and contact details. In the meantime we are asking for the public to bear with us as many of our videos will be temporarily down.

Here we managed to get a hold of a lower-quality copy of this video for the meantime. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Watch: Rav Yitzchak Dovid Grossman speaking in a shul in Johannesburg about Rav Eliezer Berlands imprisonment

Rav Grossman flew to Johannesburg to help Rav Berland. Speaking at "Keter Eliyahu" shul: "It's a crazy thing that this awesome holy tzadik needs to sit in jail, today they didnt allow to bring him food, he did not eat at all! This is a spiritual thing that is happening. The Tzadik is taking upon himself our punishment! This is not his punuishment! It is ours! But he will get out from there! We will make him a huge party here! And everyone here will go up to Eretz Yisrael and greet the face of melech Hamashiach! Amen!"

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New video by Rav Glazerson about Rav Berland: "In the generation when the son of David will come there will be accusations against torah scholars..."

See 2 more videos on the Shuvu Banim International website

Listen to the words of Rav Aaron Boymil “All the Gedolim are praying for Rav Berland”

For a long time people have been praying fervently for the healing and success of HaGaon HaRav Eliezer Berland, Shlita.  Particularly in this past era, people have convened in prayer rallies and sacred gatherings to awaken and arouse Divine Mercy through tears and pleas.  The holy attachment that exists between our leader HaGaon Hatsadik HaRav Eliezer Berland with the leaders of Israel and their love for him is well known.  Currently, HaRav Aharon Boymil the famed community activist and gabai of gedolei hador opens up with news and updates in response to the concerns from the Gedolim of Israel about our leader HaGaon HatsadikRav Eliezer Berland, Shlita.  Things we thought in our hearts are now unfolding before us in all its glory.
“Don’t think that only Anshei Shlomeinu in Breslov are praying for Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlita.  All of the bigAdmorimRabonim, and Tsadikim from the whole world are praying for the Rav, Shlita!  From Rav Shteinman to the Belz Admor, to the Gur Rebbe until Rav Kanievsky, everyone is praying for Rav Berland, Shlita, and are always interested in what is happening with him.  The gabbai of Rebbe David Abuchatzera, Shlita, called me personally last week and told me that the Rebbe wanted to know what’s happening with Rav Eliezer Berland,Shlita.  The house of Rav Shteinman called and wants to know what’s happening with HaRav.  The son of the Belz Rebbe himself called me to find out what’s going on with the Rav and said that his father wants to know.  It’s not that Rav Eliezer Berland, Shlita, is alone in the world and only his chassidim are the ones that care about him.  All the Gedolim of Israel from the whole world care about the Rav and are praying for him.
A minyan of us chassidim from Anshei Shlomeinu went to the gravesite of Rebbe Yossi HaGalili in order to read the letter by Rebbe Shimshon of Ostropoli for the success of the Rav, Shlita.  On the way home, we stopped in Tiberias by the Rav Hatsadik Dov Kook, Shlita, but it was very hard to reach him because of all the students surrounding him.  I banged on the booth pulpit and said, “HaRav Kook, HaRav Kook, HaRav Eliezer Berland is in exile and is suffering so much.  If you had been in this situation like the Rav, Rav Berland, Shlita, would turn the world upside down for you.  Why don’t you overturn the world for him?  The whole synagogue stood silent, only three members came up to me and told me- leave here immediately.  But HaRav Kook came up to me, hugged me, and told me...

Click here for full article and recording on the Shuvu Banim International website

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Historical Mass Prayer Rally this Wednesday night in Chevron!

All Jews and non-Jews who care about truth and justice are invited to join us at the Cave of the Patriarchs this Wednesday night April 27th, the 4th day of Chol Hamoed, starting at 10:00pm Israel time (9pm SA time, 3pm EST) and lasting through the night. The entire book of tehillim/psalms will be read and 7 times Tikun Haklali, for the redemption of mankind, for the redemption of the Tzadik, to raise the holy Shechina from the ashes...

A live broadcast will be provided.

For more info check out

Rabbi Berland prayer rally Chevron
Hebrew Poster - Prayer Rally for Rav Berland 

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Go and gather all the Jews" huge prayer rally this Tuesday night erev taanis esther at ma'aras hamachpela in Chevron

Tuesday night Taanis Esther March 22
At Ma’aras Hamachpeila in Chevron
Starting at midnight and lasting till the morning
Refreshments will be served
Women section will be open
Subsidized buses from all across the country
Tens of thousands are expected
Find out about buses in your area

Call 077-229-2222

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The correct mindset going into Purim by Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Tzama Nafshi in English  - Purim 5775 פורים תשע"ה
Transcribed and translated from previous recordings of
HaRav Eliezer Berland Shlit”a

Preparation for Purim

On Purim we must make a great effort to ‘keep our wits together’ more than on Yom HaKippurim, because on Yom HaKippurim we sit in shul 24 hours, glued to our chairs but on Purim we have to drink wine, be happy, sing and dance while maintaining Yishuv hadaas (peace of mind) and clinging to Hashem.

Everyone knows that we must strike Amalek, annihilate them, kill them, etc. Yet, who is Amalek? Amalek is us! Each and every person has Amalek in their hearts. So long as Amalek is inside of us, nothing will help. Even if we physically kill Haman, Sisra will come in his stead, or Titus, Asfinus, Hitler and so on. As long as the person is flawed with “p’gam Habris” (not guarding the covenant), and with arrogance, then Haman is still alive. That Satan will simply reincarnate into another person. When Haman was killed, that specific generation was saved, but with every generation that follows, a new “Haman” is born.
Haman is created out of sins! From every sin “Haman” is created, a terrorist is born, a Nazi is born with every sin we commit. When a Nazi comes to kill a Jew – I created that Nazi! I’m the one who created that terrorist! However, if I repent, that terrorist will burn. He’ll be wiped out. So, who is Haman? Who is Amalek? Amalek is me. As long as I am in the world, as long as I am living, the Redemption will never come – until I reverse my deeds, until I change myself for the better. Nothing else will help. That is Purim – “venahafoch hu” [“and the situation was reversed” (Esther 9)], that every person must reverse and change his ways completely.
On Purim, the sweetness of the river of Eden is revealed. Everyone goes up to Gan Eden on Purim. Everything you eat and drink on Purim is the “preserved wine, the wild ox and the whale”; it is the poultry of Gan Eden, the whale of Gan Eden, the wild ox from Gan Eden, etc. The “Kedushas Yom Tov” says that the light of Purim reveals the ‘real me’. This is revealed specifically on Purim, since that is the time that the person is able to see his life with clarity. He merits finding all of his flaws, all of his sins; he discovers that he himself is Haman.
The “Kedushas Levi” says that as soon as a person realizes his lowliness, he can fall to such despair. On Purim more than any other time, he is in danger because everything becomes revealed to him! He sees his flaws, the flaw of not guarding his eyes properly, of not having enough emunah, etc., and this realization can cause him great despair. That is why we are told to drink wine on Purim, as it says, “give ale to the worker and wine to the embittered”, in order to elevate the person’s spirit and cause him to sing and dance. Once a person discovers that “I myself am Haman”, I am the biggest criminal - he can fall into such a terrible depression. That is the reason that Chazal declared that “the men must become ‘merry’ (intoxicated) on Purim…”, since by “becoming merry” the person will come to “venahafoch hu” - “and the situation was reversed.” The person will discover that, on the contrary, even a wicked Haman such as myself is doing good things; I’m praying, I heard the Megilla reading on Purim, I even went to the mikveh, I donned Tefillin… I merited doing such wonderful mitzvos! There is no greater Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of Hashem’s name) than that, because the farther the person is (from serving Hashem) the greater the Kiddush Hashem, the greater will be his joy. “Arur Haman” (Cursed is Haman) turns into “Baruch Mordechai” (blessed is Mordechai). Specifically one who knows he is “Haman” has a chance to merit becoming “Baruch Mordechai” [meaning, he can turn from a sinner such as Haman into a righteous man such as Mordechai].
The saintly Arizal said that the light of “Yesod Abba” enlightens us every Purim, it does not shed its light at any other time. This enlightenment called “Yesod Abba” is always covered up, it is always hidden. Then, when we read the Megilla, the enlightenment of “Yesod Abba” becomes revealed. Such a luminous light comes down upon us that every person can come to complete teshuva. Mordechai, who is “Yesod Abba” is revealed in all his glory on Purim, since the enlightenment of Mordechai – the enlightenment of “Yesod Abba” draws upon us wonders and miracles. This enlightenment is the emunah (faith) that “there is none other than Him”, that there is nothing besides Hashem. There can be an Achashverosh, there can be a Haman and they can make all the decrees they want. However, they do not really exist, they are just fog, and the purpose of everything they say and do is in order to arouse us to repent. Purim is all about repentance. It is not about going wild or popping loud explosives and breaking things or throwing up or hurting others. Purim is all about doing real and complete teshuva, just as the Breslovers did throughout the years. Rivers upon rivers of tears they shed, while reading the Megilla and in the midst of dancing. That is the aspect of “chayav inish levesumei” - “the men must become intoxicated (merry) on Purim.” The (Aramaic) word “Livesumei” does not refer to total drunkenness but rather like “tipsy”; it means having a red face full of hislahavus (enthusiasm) which comes from [the fire of] d’veikus (completely clinging to Hashem).
Reb Nosson said that on Purim we must make a great effort to ‘keep our wits together’ more than on Yom HaKippurim because on Yom HaKippurim we sit in shul 24 hours, glued to our chairs, but on Purim we have to drink wine, be happy, sing and dance while maintaining Yishuv hadaas (peace of mind) and dveikus - clinging to Hashem. The essential purpose of drinking wine (on Purim) is to come to dveikus, to see Hashem face to face. It says in Shulchan Aruch that, chas veshalom, that a man should think that just because he drank he does not need to bentch, or daven Maariv, or that he doesn’t need to daven with kavanah (intention). “Livesumei” does not mean to become light headed. It means you should drink on condition that you do not make light of any bracha or any minhag (custom). The essence of this mitzvah is that the person must be happy, as it says, “wine makes the heart merry”. Wine makes the blood rush and when a person’s blood rushes, it’s easier for him to dance and be happy and it’s easier for the person to sing. It helps the person to truly feel happy and elevates his level of happiness.
The day of Purim is a day of thanksgiving for the whole year because a person must be happy all year round. Yet, throughout the rest of the year, the person cannot become unusually happy; he must remain sane and keep his wits together. He must pay attention to the barriers of his sechel (mind) because the sechel limits and protects the person, whereas the wine numbs the wisdom and barriers of the sechel, rachmana litzlan. That’s why Rabbenu warned us not to drink wine or alcoholic beverages throughout the year. On Purim, however, we want the opposite. We want to burn all the barriers of the sechel through the wine we drink. Purim has a special power that even though we drink and become intoxicated, the wine we drink does us no harm, so long as the person drinks properly. It is said about Purim that “wine goes in and secrets came out”, which means that the person discovers the love he has for Hashem and the Yiras Shamayim (Fear of Heaven), because if throughout the year the person fills himself up with love for Hashem and dveikus to Hashem, then, when Purim comes, all of those feelings explode! The person then merits dancing out of his tremendous love for Hashem and dveikus. Contrarily, if a person is far from dveikus and instead he ‘clings’ to bad middos such as mocking others, speaking lashon hara, etc., then on Purim his bad middos explode outwardly and he becomes lightheaded and foolish and mocks others [mercilessly], because on Purim, the barriers of our sechel wear away and burn down by the wine. On Purim, we want to bring down the barriers of the sechel through drinking wine so that our love for Hashem will surface, and nothing else. A person, in whom the love for Hashem burns all year round, but he has no chance to express his love, when Purim comes around he can spend 24 hours straight expressing that love of Hashem.
Good Shabbos and happy Purim! J

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Purim Torah by Rav Eliezer Berland shlit"a

Purim - פורים

"Remember what Amalek did to you

On Purim a person needs to restrain himself more than on Yom Kippur, because on Yom Kippur we are in shul for 24 hours, stuck to our seats, but on Purim we have to drink wine and to be happy and to sing and dance, and yet all the while retain our senses and cling to Hashem
   Everyone knows that we are obliged to wipe out Amalek—we have to kill Amalek and annihilate him—but who is Amalek? Amalek is us. Amalek is to be found inside each and every person. As long as Amalek is inside us, nothing will help. Even if we kill Haman, then we’ll get a Sisera, a Titus, a Vespasian, or a Hitler. As long as a person doesn’t pull himself out of p’gam habris and from arrogance, then Haman is still alive. The Satan will just take another form and appear in another person. When Haman was killed, that generation was saved, but with each new generation new Hamans arise.
   Haman is created from sins. Every sin gives birth to a Haman, a terrorist, a Nazi. When a Nazi comes to kill a Jew, a person should say, “I created that Nazi!” “I created that terrorist!” If I will do teshuva that terrorist will be burned up—he’ll disappear. So who is Haman? Who is Amalek? I am Amalek. As long as I am still in this world, as long as I am still alive, there will be no geula until I turn myself around, until I change. Nothing else will help. This is the “na’afoch hu” of Purim—that each person needs to turn himself around from one extreme to the other.
   On Purim, the sweetness of the river that flows out of Eden is revealed. On Purim, everyone goes up to Gan Eden. Everything that a person eats or drinks is the aspect of “the guarded wine,” “the wild ox,” and the Leviathan. They are all birds from Gan Eden. The Leviathan is from Gan Eden. The “wild ox” is from Gan Eden. The Kedushas Yom Tov says that through the light of Purim it is revealed who a person truly is. It is revealed specifically on Purim when a person sees where he is truly holding. He merits seeing all his flaws, all his sins, and he sees that, really, he is Haman.
   The Kedushas Levi says that the moment that a person sees his own lowliness—where he is really holding—he can fall into utter despair. And specifically on Purim, he is in terrible danger because it is all revealed to him. He sees all his flaws, his forbidden gazing, how far he is from true faith, and he can fall into utter despair because of this. So, a person must drink wine on Purim, as it is written, “Give strong drink to the woebegone and wine to those of embittered soul” (Mishlei 31:6) to lift up his mind so that he can sing and be happy. After a person comes to the realization that he is Haman, that he is the biggest sinner there is, then he can become very distressed. Therefore, Chazal made it an obligation to drink wine on Purim, because through wine he will be able to “na’afoch hu”—turn everything around. Then he sees that really it’s exactly the opposite: even a Haman like me, a rasha like me, can pray, can go and hear the Megillah read. I even went to the mikveh. I even put on tefillin. I merited to such wondrous mitzvos—there’s no greater kiddush Hashem than this. The farther away a person is, the greater the kiddush Hashem and the happiness, because “Cursed is Haman” becomes “Blessed is Mordechai.” Only someone who knows he is Haman can merit becoming “Blessed is Mordechai.”
   The holy Arizal said that every Purim we are enlightened with the Yesod of Abba, which does not occur at any other time. The Yesod of Abba is always concealed, always hidden. When we read the Megillah, a revelation takes place and the Yesod of Abba is revealed. Such great lights descend that at that time anyone can return in real teshuva. Mordechai, who is the Yesod of Abba, is revealed in all his glory on Purim, because the revelation of Mordechai—the revelation of the Yesod of Abba—draws down miracles and wonders for us. This revelation is the faith that “there is nothing but Hashem”—“Ain Od Milvado.” There can be an Achashverosh and a Haman, and they can make terrible decrees, but they really don’t exist. They are only an illusion. And all of these things are only to awaken us to teshuva. The main point of Purim is to make teshuva. Purim is not for messing around. It’s not for setting of firecrackers. It’s not about breaking things—not about throwing up—not about doing damage to anyone. Purim is about making real teshuva. Just as we saw on Purim over the generations, that Breslovers would cry rivers of tears during the Megillah reading. They would shed rivers of tears during the dancing. This is “a person is obligated to drink wine on Purim” (Megillah 7b). This drinking doesn’t mean becoming completely drunk—it is a red face from excitement. It is deveikus.
   Rav Nosson says that on Purim a person needs to restrain himself even more than on Yom Kippur, because on Yom Kippur we are in shul 24 hours, stuck to our seats, but on Purim we need to drink wine and to sing and dance and be happy and at the same time to retain our senses and cling to Hashem. The whole reason for drinking wine is to come to deveikus and to see Hashem face to face. The Shulchan Aruch says that a person must not think that he can get so drunk that he can’t say Birkas HaMazon or pray Ma’ariv or not pray with kavannah. The drinking is not in order to become light-headed. The drinking is only on the condition that he not take even a single bracha or minhag lightly. The essence of the mitzvah is to be happy: “Wine gladdens a person’s heart.” Wine has the power to incite the blood, and when a person’s blood is flowing, then it is easier for him to dance, to be happy, and to sing. It makes it easier to be happy and elevates the joy
   Purim is an indicator for the whole year, because a person needs to be happy all year long. But a person cannot be happy all the time in a way that deviates from the norm, because he needs to remain rational with his senses intact, not going out of his mind in any way, because the mind defines reality and keeps the person in line, whereas wine breaks down one’s mental controls. That is why Rabbeinu warned us that that all year long we should not drink any wine or intoxicating beverages, but on Purim we want to do the opposite, and burn all our mental barriers. And this is the special power of Purim. On Purim the wine does not damage a person if he drinks properly. We say on Purim, “The wine goes in and the secrets come out.” And then a person’s love for Hashem and his fear of Hashem is revealed, because if a person is filled with love of Hashem deveikus all year long, then on Purim it all comes out and he merits dancing from love of Hashem and deveikus. But if the opposite is true, if he is far from deveikus and he is stuck in his bad middos, in cutting down other people, in speaking lashon hara, then on Purim, he is light-headed and he attacks other people, because on Purim his mental barriers are removed by the wine. On Purim, we want to burn the mental barriers of the mind through wine, and to truly reveal our love of Hashem and not love for other things, because a person who all year long is burning with love for Hashem has no other time to show it, so when Purim comes, he can fully express his love for Hashem for 24 hours.   

   Please, compassionate and merciful G-d, help us to merit through the joy, the meal and the drinking of Purim, to reach the mochin of Arich which is drawn from the 50th gate, from the “Reisha d’lo Isyada, ” (the Head that is Unknown), until we merit to achieve the Upper Will, to know nothing at all, which is the aspect of “mah.” And we should be included in the upper surrounding lights of “What did you see, what did you understand?” (Zohar I:Ib, see Likutei Moharan II, 7:6) until we don’t know the difference between “Cursed is Haman” and “Blessed is Mordechai” Through the power of the light of “Blessed is Mordechai” may we be worthy of repairing the sin of Shaul who was supposed to illuminate all the sparks from the depths of the klippot, and specifically the klippa of Haman-Amalek.”

(taken with permission from Tzama'a Nafshi)