Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Atzeres Tfilla at the kotel today

Today Wednesday Oct. 22nd erev rosh chodesh Chesvan there will be an Atzeres Tfilla by the Kotel for the hatzlacha of the Rav at 6:00pm

Friday, October 17, 2014

A recap of Simchas Torah with the Tzaddik in Amsterdam

Boruch Hashem over 300 people merited spending Simchas Torah with the Rav in Amsterdam. The good Mayor of Amsterdam allowed for a local Jewish school to be opened for the masses, mattresses were brought and whoever didn't have accommodations slept and ate in the hall of the school. On Simchas Torah morning the Rav came for Yom Tov davening - which went on together with hakafos until the night without a break - it was me'in olam habah. The locals, doing the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim b'hidur brought over their yom tov meals for the many guests and also merited sharing the simchas hachag in the presence of the Tzaddik -  there was no shortage of festivities and happiness.

At the same time thousands of Rabbi Berlands students celebrated Simchas Torah in Jerusalem with the hope and prayer that they will soon merit rejoicing with their Rav in the Holy City. ותחזנה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Simchas Torah update

G-d willing there will be tfillos and hakafos with the Rav in Amsterdam

Simchas Torah update

For all who are asking:

It is not yet known what will be Simchas Torah. As of now it depends on finding a place where everyone can be and that the Rav can come to for davening and hakafos. We are open towards suggestions as well as donations for renting a hall

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The media war against Rabbi Berland

The rodfim know no rest. They have already shown their war techniques in Morocco, Zimbabwe, and Johannesburg - when they couldn't influence the local authorities they used the media as a tool to give the Rav a bad reputation turning the locals against his residing there. They spread the same lies that they began in the Israeli media in the first place, translating it to the local language while adding some "flavor" (see the lies of the Israeli media exposed). The papers in Zimbabwe have already admitted to receiving large sums of money to make it a front-page story "sex-pest Rabbi on the run" when in fact he was asked to leave Zimbabwe due to an expiring visa. And as was recently revealed in court (listen here) the accusations that the Israeli's are making are completely different than what was written in the newspapers, which even for that they have no proof for. The newspapers in Zimbabwe as well as that in Morocco said the name of the person who sent them the stories from Israel and off the record the amount they were paid to have them published (in the hundreds of thousands). He is well known in Shuvu Bonim when he lost his high position after being caught in a scandal involving large amounts of money and power which he hoped to inherit. On his side is the Israeli Police which have thier own incentives in stopping the Rabbi from influencing people in Israel as has been known for years. They have been successful in getting him handcuffed for a few seconds without a headcovering snapping a photo and getting it spread all over the world (the media loves that stuff) and added the title "Fugitive sex-pest Rabbi nabbed" when in fact the handcuffs had nothing to do with that. But since when do we hear about someone being handcuffed for visa problems? With money anything is possible, especially in Zimbabwe as is well known.
All this was carefully planned by the rodfim from Israel in order to harm the Rabbi's image and the influence he has on people. See also this article in the South African Jewish Report published about half a year ago. But the more they unabashedly chase the Rav the more the truth is being revealed and people are starting to understand what is truly happening here.
However, they still have not learned their lesson. The same techniques that were used before are being used again in Holland. After being shamefully turned down three times in court and lastly in their attempt to get the Rabbi away from his followers during the holidays, a time when he attracts the most following (note: all their major attempts in which they succeeded in expelling the Rav from Morocco, Zimbabwe and Johannesburg were around holiday time), the enemies of the Rav are once again fighting full-force through the media both in Holland and in nearby Belgium where many of his students are staying. They are again trying to influence all major media outlets as well influential people in the Jewish community.
Thank G-d the Judicial system in Europe is fairer than that of the previous places and the Judges clearly saw through these blackmail attempts and judged honestly without caving in to local pressure. For the most part the locals are pleased to have the chassidim, but as always the peaceful ones are not the most vocal, and the media always likes a juicy story that will raise ratings. Thankfully there are a majority of pure-hearted honest people in the world who don't quickly fall for the way the media portrays people.
The next step for Rabbi Berlands lawyer Sharon Nahari is to release the requirement of the Rav to sign daily to prove he is staying in Holland and eventually to have him free to travel wherever he wishes.
As for Israel - it's only a matter of time until the current Government collapses, when that happens Rabbi Berland will return to lead his followers and all the Jewish people - given the respect deserving of a king. His ideals or Torah, prayer, and peace can then be spread without impediment.
"ביום ההוא יהיה ה' אחד ושמו אחד"

Monday, October 6, 2014

Update: The courts ruling - Israels appeal permanently rejected. Rabbi Berland remains a free man in Holland

Minutes ago the court in Holland issued a final ruling against the appeal of Israel Police and Rabbi Berland will remain a free man in Amsterdam. The extradition hearing is set for November 17th when Israel Police will try it's luck again.

"וחסידים ברינה יגילו..."
And the chassidim celebrate...

Hundreds are expected to accompany the Rav for the holiday of Succos...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recent interviews on the information phone line

Hear updated news (in Hebrew) on Rabbi Berlands information phone line
From Israel 058-328-7777
From outside of Israel +972-58-328-7777

Listen to Yaron Yamin who was present at the court hearing this past Wednesday discuss the how Israel Police tried for an appeal to have the Rabbi behind bars for the holidays and how they were denied. Ex. 41

Listen to a talmid of the Rav Berland who was present on one of the two buses which made their way from Uman to the Island of Texel describe the 50 hour trip and the arrangements at the Island for the upcoming holiday of Yom Kippur. Ex. 41

Listen to Rabbi Berlands 24 minute torah lesson which he gave to the first busload of followers upon thier arrival at 2:00am. Ex. 21

Listen to a talmid talk about how it was to be with the Rav on Yom Kippur  Ex 41

And much more...

(Whoever is interested in hearing interviews like these in english as well as having translated updates on this website and on the Knishta Chada Journal, please click the donate button on this site)

Yom Kippur in the Isle of Texel with the Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Approximately 600 people (men, women, and children) came to the Isle of Texel to spend the High holiday of Yom Kippur with the Tzaddik Rav Berland. They were welcomed warmly by the locals, were given their own synagogue to pray in, around 20 villa's for the women and children to sleep in, and two large tents were erected to accommodate the rest. 
This was the largest gathering since Rabbi Berland began his exile from Israel two years ago.
The Rav was the shliach tzibur for all the davening excluding ne'ilah. Yom Kippur night begain with Kol Nidrei before Shkiah and lasted until 12 midnight. The day began at 6:30am and lasted until after sundown. The prayers were uplifting, with the Rabbi and most of the tzibur being on their feet the entire time, the melodies were sung in the inspiring way according to the nusach of breslov. 
Reb Nosson of Breslov explains that while Rosh Hashana is the kibutz (gathering) of the Rebbe, Yom Kippur is the kibutz of the Talmid Hador. Every year Breslov chassidim try to be together with the Talmid Hador, this year the largest kibbutz of Breslov took place in Holland, surpassing that of the main Breslov shul in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem.
The numbers of followers keep growing, more are expected to be arriving for Succos. It seems the more that the Rabbi is persecuted and chased for no reason the more people are attracted to him, people are realizing that "הוא מחולל מפשעינו וחליינו הוא נשא" he's taking upon himself the suffering of the generation, and they want to be a part of it.  

Update: The relentless struggle of the Israeli Police against Rabbi Berland

The Israel Police are proving more and more that there is some kind of hidden agenda behind their desperate attempts at getting the Rabbi behind bars. Apparently this is no different than their attempts at getting Rabbi Yoram Avergil behind bars, both of these Rabbi’s are leaders of the teshuva movement in Israel which infuriates in anti-religious left, they are thinking that portraying them as criminals will stop the teshuvah movement and prevent a religious majority in Israel, something which due to recent surveys is happening now, at this rate the next government will be a religious government. But the more they chase after Rabbi’s and Yeshivah bochurim the more they are proving their true colors and this only strengthens the teshuva movement even more. During the first court case the Dutch Judge said there is absolutely no evidence that can even warrant bringing Rabbi Berland before an Israeli court, and he is shocked at the way the State of Israel treats a great man such as Rabbi Berland. This statement of the Judge has already been published in Israeli media, I’m surprised that the English speaking media has not mentioned the proceedings of the first hearing, which was in the Lawyers words “an historical event which will be taught in Law Schools” the first time ever that a European country has an extradition treaty with Israel turned down a request of extradition and only after one court hearing. There was not only nothing to incriminate the Rabbi, there was not even anything justify sending him to be tried in an Israeli court. 
The past Wednesday, two days before Yom Kippur, the Israeli police made an appeal that for the meantime while they are working on putting together some kind of arrest warrant, Holland should have Rabbi Berland held behind bars. In the appeal they did not bring up the accusations again for they were already embarrassed in the first hearing when they were told they had nothing. However, they tried to convince the group of 3 Judges that Rabbi Berland has been running and escaping justice for 2 years and that should be enough to keep him behind bars until Israel arranges a proper arrest warrant. But the judges didn’t buy that. Firstly, there was never, and still isn’t an arrest warrant for Rabbi Berland, one cannot be considered a fugitive if he is not wanted under warrant for arrest. Secondly, he left Israel on is own free will much before he was even wanted by the Israeli Police for questioning. Thirdly, he was been in countries which do have extradition treaties with Israel, was allowed in and out of their borders without problem, which proves he was not trying to run away. And lastly, even if you would say he was running away, anyone in his situation the way he is unfairly being treated by the Israeli justice system will run away, because obviously if they are chasing him to this extent when out of Israel based on nothing, then surely he will not be given a fair trial in Israel either.
Israel is more concerned about chasing after Rabbi’s who will make people religious than chasing after the Arab terrorists who are vowing to destroy the entire country. Known terrorists are released from jail, given weapons, and allowed to continue shooting rockets without anyone interfering, Rabbi’s on the other hand are hunted down to all corners of the earth. For example, look at the way they turn a blind eye and cover up for Arab and compare this to the way the hunt down Chareidy Rabbi’s and Yeshiva students.

It should also be noted how the Israeli Justice system works for those who are not familiar and how people with power can use it to their advantage (this is taken from a comment of one of the news sites): Israel still keeps convenient laws on the books from not only the British Mandate period but even Turkish rule such as the “administrative detention” rule that you can be put under imprisonment for six months before they are even obligated to bring charges! They pulled this one multiple times on Rav Kahane because just as we see with Rav Berland they didn’t like the large influence he had on people.
Look also at what happened with Avigdor Leiberman – because he’s a big political enemy of the left they put him under investigation for 13 YEARS after which they finally admitted they didn’t have enough evidence to go forward. What kind of valid criminal investigation goes on for almost a decade and a half without being able to produce sufficient evidence for a trial? It took several months to identify and finally locate the killers of the 3 kodshim, yet after about a week they managed to arrest the guys who killed the arab teen – and strangely enough they were not allowed to speak to an attorney until AFTER they agreed to confess. It is obvious that anyone with an open eye can see how police in this country are agenda driven.