Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shabbos parshas "ma'asei" "(encampments) at encampment outside Be'er Sheva prison

Rav Berland

This is shabbos parshas maasei "encampments", this will in all likelihood g-d willing be the last and final shabbos of the galus of the Tzadik, a huge air conditioned encampment is set up outside be'er sheva jail, all meals will be served כיד המלך and a melave malka will take place with important rabbonim participating. Anyone who wants to merit helping this awesome historical event is welcome to make a donation either through the Shuvu Banim International website or by calling Aaron Swartz 0533-155-313

This coming wednesday the Rav is set to be released! May we witness the Rav like Yosef leaving prison and going straight to kingship with the redemption of all of klall yisrael

And may we merit this coming week of tisha b'av to the "birth" of Moshiach after all these tremendous birth pangs


More updates at even more at the Hebrew website

Monday, August 1, 2016