Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Huge atzeres tfilla (prayer rally) at kotel tomorrow will be broadcasted live here

Rabbi Berland
picture from previous atzeres

Wednesday January 28th a day before the court hearing of Rabbi Eliezer Berland in Holland there will be a mass atzeres at the Kotel Hama'aravi at 7:30pm. 

After which there will be free buses to Me'aras Ha'machpela and the Atzeres will continue there. To sign up dial 058-328-7777 ext 474 and you will be registered automatically. 

Bus transportation to the Kotel will be provided from throughout Israel for a subsidized price of 5 shekel. 
Here is a list of cities with the organizers phone number:
Eilat: 0528555943
Elad: 0527601376
Be'er Sheva 0548442801
Bnei Brak  0533147117
Beitar 0548497194
    or 0527144392
Cholon: 0508942299
Tiberias: 0547766123
Netivot: 0548491425 or 0548435596
Kiriat Sefer: 0527198173
Rosh Ha'ayin: 0527601376
Rishon L'Tzion: 0583263267 or 0522221313
Emanuel : 0548460925
Netanya: 0508341441
Bat Yam: 0583253877
Kiryat Gat: 0504162162
Haifa: ‏0548517868 
To arrange a bus in your area please call 054-718-6265
Updated information will be made available on this website or by calling the information hotline 058-328-7777 ext. 47

For those who cannot make it a live video broadcast will be provided here on this site. Please join us in your prayers.

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