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One of the most important articles you have yet to read about Rabbi Eliezer Berland

Once again EMUNAROMA is revealing the hard truth in an important and powerful article:

How the Erev Rav are preventing the Geula, in real time


Part of the problem with the proliferation of ‘geula’ blogs, and all the ‘prophetic messages’ from the autistics and a few other hundred people, besides, is that we’ve all been reading about things like the Erev Rav, and redemption, and terrible wars for more than a decade already, but as a theoretical exercise.

In theory, thousands of us are very well versed in all the prophesies about 2/3 of the world being destroyed, about the war of Gog and Magog, even about Bilaam’s prophecy of the Kochav Yaacov, (which some commentators, including some Gedolei HaDor, are suggesting is connected to ‘Nibiru’), and about the Temple finally being rebuilt, and the people of Israel finally being redeemed.

Thanks in great part to the autistics, the Erev Rav have also become a familiar concept to many us, despite being buried in Jewish esoteric thought for thousands of years and generally ignored.

Yet despite all the knowledge about the End of Days freely sloshing around all over the net, most of us are completely clueless about what is actually happening in front of our faces right now.

Again, it’s very understandable. After years of warnings of impending doom that didn’t materialize, dates for geula that came and went, ‘unmissable’ signs of redemption that didn’t add up to anything tangible, and even a few wars here in Israel, so many of us are tired and jaded by the whole ‘geula’ thing that we’re scared to hope it could happen, really.

What, I’m going to get my hopes up again?!?!?

But there’s something deeper going on, too, and that is that our modern world is so full of manipulative lies and media deception, that most of us really struggle to recognize the truth in 2016 about any subject, let alone one as shrouded in mystery as the forthcoming geula.

And the last, and probably most insidious, reason why we aren’t recognizing what’s going on in front of our faces is because many of us are living the lie that Moshiach and redemption is going to happen automatically, without us having to do anything much to bring it about.

We can carry on treating other people badly on Facebook and in our personal lives; carry on sucking up all the gossip, pritzus and heretical poison that makes up 99.9% of the stuff we’re looking at on the web; continue to put making money ahead of people (both our own family members, and others); continue to pay lip-service to the idea of serving God; daven from our huge i-Phones (which have been roundly banned and condemned as being ‘idol worship’ by pretty much every Gadol HaDor you care to mention); and continue to look down our noses at our fellow Jews, and to openly hate them just because they look different, or believe different, or daven different to the way we do.

If we aren’t working on improving our negative middot and character traits, we are holding Moshiach up, because when people still harbor so much evil inside of themselves, it’s impossible for them to recognize that same evil as being truly bad, and to split off from it when they come across it in their external environment.

But Moshiach’s coming, and the redemption, depend on both of these things.

Right now, we’re all wasting so much of our time (me included…) reading about the theoretical signs of redemption, while neglecting and ignoring the things that are actually going to make it happen, i.e., working on identifying and eradicating our own bad middot, and splitting off from the Erev Rav behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that are literally all around us.

In the rest of the post, I want to set out what is REALLY going on, to the best of my ability, with God’s help, so that anyone who has eyes to see it, and ears to hear it, can decide if they want to carry on holding Moshiach and redemption back, or if they want to be part of the small group of people who are actually going to make it happen, God willing.

The story involves all the things you’ve been reading about in theory for decades already. But as we come down to the wire, it’s time to start applying that knowledge to the things that are unfolding in front of our faces right now.

I’m going to refer to a lot of different things in short-hand below, as there’s a lot of material to cover. Whenever you see a pink link, click on it and it will take you to an article that contains much more additional support, background and where necessary, proof of what you’re reading.


More than 4 years’ ago, Rav Eliezer Berland, Rav Dov Kook and the Baba Elazar got together to try to cancel the enormous, negative decrees of destruction hovering over Am Yisrael’s head, primarily in the shape of Iran’s nuclear bomb (but not forgetting Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Kaida and ISIS, too.)

You can read much more details about this HERE, but the main thing to know is that Rav Berland took it upon himself to be shamed and humiliated (‘losing his good name’); and also, to voluntarily go into exile.

Rav Berland warned his students right from the beginning that his exile and abuse would last for 3 years.

Crucially, the Rav left Israel voluntarily, and no charges were ever laid against him - AND STILL HAVEN’T BEEN LAID AGAINST HIM.


The three main groups of people persecuting Rav Berland and slandering him are:

  1. A disgruntled former employer, NS, [or IS, as his real name is Itai Shalom] who’s behind all the initial allegations. All these allegations are completely false, and involve either members of NS’s own family, or people who were paid thousands of dollars to lie. 
  2. Three ‘rabbis’ from the Breslev community in Meah Shearim who have been conducting a vendetta against Rav Berland and his Shuvu Banim community for more than 3 decades already. They hate the Rav for sullying the ‘purity’ of Breslev by bringing so many new baal Teshuvas in, including Sephardim.
  3. The anti-Torah government in Israel - who hates the Torah world, and has been conducting campaigns to destroy it for decades, already - and the media, spearheaded by Israel’s Channel 2, who is being sued for libel by Rav Berland for publicizing NS’s initial claims without telling their readers that the women they interviewed with blurred faces were his family members, or that NS was under house arrest for shooting real bullets (that can kill people…) at Rav Berland’s gabbai. He was later convicted of that crime.


Around three years’ later, the Rav was sitting in a South African jail, about to be extradited to Israel. Many of our leading Rabbis, including Rav Dov Kook, made it clear that when Rav Berland made it back to Israel, the geula would come with him.

So far, it didn’t.


Continue reading this important article about Rabbi Eliezer Berland and the Erev Rav here

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