Sunday, October 5, 2014

Update: The relentless struggle of the Israeli Police against Rabbi Berland

The Israel Police are proving more and more that there is some kind of hidden agenda behind their desperate attempts at getting the Rabbi behind bars. Apparently this is no different than their attempts at getting Rabbi Yoram Avergil behind bars, both of these Rabbi’s are leaders of the teshuva movement in Israel which infuriates in anti-religious left, they are thinking that portraying them as criminals will stop the teshuvah movement and prevent a religious majority in Israel, something which due to recent surveys is happening now, at this rate the next government will be a religious government. But the more they chase after Rabbi’s and Yeshivah bochurim the more they are proving their true colors and this only strengthens the teshuva movement even more. During the first court case the Dutch Judge said there is absolutely no evidence that can even warrant bringing Rabbi Berland before an Israeli court, and he is shocked at the way the State of Israel treats a great man such as Rabbi Berland. This statement of the Judge has already been published in Israeli media, I’m surprised that the English speaking media has not mentioned the proceedings of the first hearing, which was in the Lawyers words “an historical event which will be taught in Law Schools” the first time ever that a European country has an extradition treaty with Israel turned down a request of extradition and only after one court hearing. There was not only nothing to incriminate the Rabbi, there was not even anything justify sending him to be tried in an Israeli court. 
The past Wednesday, two days before Yom Kippur, the Israeli police made an appeal that for the meantime while they are working on putting together some kind of arrest warrant, Holland should have Rabbi Berland held behind bars. In the appeal they did not bring up the accusations again for they were already embarrassed in the first hearing when they were told they had nothing. However, they tried to convince the group of 3 Judges that Rabbi Berland has been running and escaping justice for 2 years and that should be enough to keep him behind bars until Israel arranges a proper arrest warrant. But the judges didn’t buy that. Firstly, there was never, and still isn’t an arrest warrant for Rabbi Berland, one cannot be considered a fugitive if he is not wanted under warrant for arrest. Secondly, he left Israel on is own free will much before he was even wanted by the Israeli Police for questioning. Thirdly, he was been in countries which do have extradition treaties with Israel, was allowed in and out of their borders without problem, which proves he was not trying to run away. And lastly, even if you would say he was running away, anyone in his situation the way he is unfairly being treated by the Israeli justice system will run away, because obviously if they are chasing him to this extent when out of Israel based on nothing, then surely he will not be given a fair trial in Israel either.
Israel is more concerned about chasing after Rabbi’s who will make people religious than chasing after the Arab terrorists who are vowing to destroy the entire country. Known terrorists are released from jail, given weapons, and allowed to continue shooting rockets without anyone interfering, Rabbi’s on the other hand are hunted down to all corners of the earth. For example, look at the way they turn a blind eye and cover up for Arab and compare this to the way the hunt down Chareidy Rabbi’s and Yeshiva students.

It should also be noted how the Israeli Justice system works for those who are not familiar and how people with power can use it to their advantage (this is taken from a comment of one of the news sites): Israel still keeps convenient laws on the books from not only the British Mandate period but even Turkish rule such as the “administrative detention” rule that you can be put under imprisonment for six months before they are even obligated to bring charges! They pulled this one multiple times on Rav Kahane because just as we see with Rav Berland they didn’t like the large influence he had on people.
Look also at what happened with Avigdor Leiberman – because he’s a big political enemy of the left they put him under investigation for 13 YEARS after which they finally admitted they didn’t have enough evidence to go forward. What kind of valid criminal investigation goes on for almost a decade and a half without being able to produce sufficient evidence for a trial? It took several months to identify and finally locate the killers of the 3 kodshim, yet after about a week they managed to arrest the guys who killed the arab teen – and strangely enough they were not allowed to speak to an attorney until AFTER they agreed to confess. It is obvious that anyone with an open eye can see how police in this country are agenda driven. 

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