Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recent interviews on the information phone line

Hear updated news (in Hebrew) on Rabbi Berlands information phone line
From Israel 058-328-7777
From outside of Israel +972-58-328-7777

Listen to Yaron Yamin who was present at the court hearing this past Wednesday discuss the how Israel Police tried for an appeal to have the Rabbi behind bars for the holidays and how they were denied. Ex. 41

Listen to a talmid of the Rav Berland who was present on one of the two buses which made their way from Uman to the Island of Texel describe the 50 hour trip and the arrangements at the Island for the upcoming holiday of Yom Kippur. Ex. 41

Listen to Rabbi Berlands 24 minute torah lesson which he gave to the first busload of followers upon thier arrival at 2:00am. Ex. 21

Listen to a talmid talk about how it was to be with the Rav on Yom Kippur  Ex 41

And much more...

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